Saanro Wheel Wizard

Saanro Wheel Wizard - A highly effective non-acidic wheel cleaner. 5 Litre

A highly effective non-acidic wheel cleaner.

Size 5 Litre
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Saanro Wheel Wizard Wheel Cleaner


A highly effective non-acidic wheel cleaner.

Concentrated Product for the Rapid removal of Brake Dust, Traffic Film & mild Oxidisation from Aluminium Alloy Wheels

Apply, leave to dwell, and remove road grime and brake dust with a pressure washer and very little agitation.

Some agitation may be required on heavily soiled / ’baked on’ brake dust.

Method of Use

Product may be diluted with up to 5 parts water if required.

Apply using either a brush or a sprayer whilst agitating the surface.

Allow the product to work for up to 5 minutes then rinse off throughly with clean water.

Repeat this process if necessary.

IMPORTANT: Not suitable for use on Magnesium Alloy, Anodised Surfaces or Paintwork.

Do not allow the Product to Dry!

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